Welcome to Amrita Public School


I really feel elated to see the garden of APS full of different variety of flowers which I have nurtured with great love, affection and hard work. I am the sole witness of the growth and development of these small buds blooming into fragrant flowers thus spreading their flagrance in the various parts of the country. I believe in the balanced growth and development of the personality of the child for which parents as well as teachers play equal parts. The students spend only 5-6 hours in the school and all efforts are made by our institution to make those hours fruitful for the child by paying equal attention to their physical, mental and emotional needs. After the school hours it is the duty of the parents to spend quality time with their children there by inculcating positive qualities and attitudes among them for attaining this goal parents must become role models for their children. Similarly in the school it is the duty of the teachers to set exemplary behavior to be followed by students.