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Manager Desk

In the famous poem "The rainbow" William Wordsworth used the expression, "The child is father of the man." This expression means that all our positive and negative traits are established when we are young. Indeed, if you watch children at play, you will notice them demonstrate certain characteristics which remains with them forever. Therefore it is necessary to groom children in a way so that they can adopt healthy attitudes and positives traits to grow up to be balanced individuals. But we are living in an age where there is no scope in our life-style which can nurture and evolve self-born genius in every child. the traditional fun and enjoyment has been replaced with the mechanical gadgets which are snatching away their sensitivity and innocence. Here comes the role of Education in the school where a teacher can create and develop a nurturing environment where a child can get physical, emotional, and mental and social security. The school promotes the sense of belongingness, discipline, adjustment with the peers, personal relationship and attachment;intellectual stimulation and sense of control. it is also the duty of the parents to keep a consistent check on the child's academic as well as other interests. If you feel that your child is not enjoying the school, try to find out the reasons that make your child frustrated and lend a hand of encouragement. Parents and teachers both should join their hands together to give them the confidence that you will always be there to support and welcome them after their ventures.