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Health News :

* World Health Day is celebrated every year across the world on 7th April . The purpose of these celebrations is to create awareness among the students about importance of leading healthy life by inculcating healthy eating habits, by exercising and by doing yoga. They create also guided how to lead a clean and hygienic life to save themselves from various infections and diseases. The Students of all the classes were encouraged to participate in different activities. Students participated with full enthusiasm and expressed their keen eagerness in undertaking the following activities. The Students of class III to V participated in Paragraph Writing. The students from class VI to VIII participated in Poster Making Competition of the  students from class IX to XII excelled themselves in Article Writing .

* At the end of the day the students understood to enjoy the glow & good health by inculcating good habits and following good way of living .

* Hemophilia Day was celebrated on April 17, 2018 by Einstein Club of the school. A talk was given by the science teachers in every class about Hemophilia. * In the month of October, awareness was created among the students about health hazards and environmental health effects caused by chemical composition of fire crackers.

* As we all know that vector borne diseases are very much prevalent in Delhi having potential to assume out break during monsoon and post-monsoon season. In November, students were sensitized about do's and don'ts to be followed to check breeding of mosquitoes so as to reduces vector borne diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Chikenguneya.

* In the month of November health talk on antibiotics was organized by science teachers. Few slogans like "Eat in Moderation", "Include All Seven Colors and Six Tastes in Food". "Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables" were given to the students.

* World AIDS Day was observed on Dec 1, 2018 by the Environment Club of the school dedicated to spread awareness among the students emphasizing on HIV transmission, stigma and prevention of the disease believing that this future generation has the ability to sensitize others and prevent spread of AIDS. An informative speech on AIDS was delivered by the students in special assembly. Students of Secondary classes prepared red-ribbons and staff as well as students wore them on their sleeves throughout the day to support the cause of AIDS Signature Campaign was also organized in the class rooms.