Welcome to Amrita Public School


 It is 30 years long association with you all which motivates me to work harder and harder for the further growth and development of this esteemed institution. The smiling faces of the innocent children early in the morning refreshes me and energizes me to work tirelessly for the whole day. The chief aim of this institution is to cater to the basic needs of the children by providing them quality education which lays equal stress on physical, mental, social and emotional development of the child. Quality education also includes sense of cleanliness, personal hygiene, and sensitivity towards environment as well as their fellow being First condition for quality education is provision of good infrastructure and facilities for the students and teachers and APS is not lagging behind in fulfilling this condition. Another thing required for the successful running of the institution is discipline among the students, teachers as well as menial staff of the school. Discipline is a thing which cannot be taught. It comes from within and self discipline is a co-operative effort between the parents, school, staff and students which definitely leads to qulaity education. Lack of discipline disturbs the teaching learning process thus reulting in developing negative habits, therefore discipline is given fore most importance in APS. It is the duty of the parents as well as teachers to work hard to provide conducive environment to the children thus resulting in developing discipline and good attitude among them which in turn will enable them to give good academic result and I hope that this will definitely enable them to bring laurels to their parents and to their school.